Thursday, June 25, 2020

A Study in Red and Yellow

Before moving on to the next character in the Forgotten Hero alphabet, here are a few Heroclix repaints. 

My original intention was just the golden age Human Torch. After finishing the Fiery Mask and the original Black Widow, I've been wanting to add to my collection of World War 2 era Marvel characters. The other figures got a trip to the front of the painting queue since they shared the same color scheme. 

I don't usually collect modern age comic characters, but it was fairly unlikely that this Iron Man body could be used in a golden age conversion project. 

The Shining Knight from the Justice League Unlimited set. Look for him to show up in a group post on the Seven Soldiers of Victory in the future. 

Captain Marvel, in the Alex Ross pose

And finally, the golden age Human Torch. I'm thinking of running an Invaders vs. Justice Society game in homage to the classic JLA vs. Avengers stories. 

Next time, the forgotten "I" hero - and his girlfriend. 

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