Friday, June 12, 2020

Black Widow aka Claire Voyant

While working on the Fiery Mask for my forgotten Golden Age Heroes A to Z project, I took time for an extra figure from Marvel's The Twelve, the Black Widow. 

The tradition of updating or redoing golden age heroes did not begin or end with DC, though DC's silver age explosion of the Flash, Green Lantern and others is the most well known. Before Natasha Romanoff's Black Widow, Timely/Marvel had another Black Widow. 

First appearing in Mystic Comics #4 (August 1940), Claire Voyant was a psychic who predicted a man's death - for reasons even she does not understand. After he dies in a car accident, his distraught family kills Claire. Finding herself in Hell, Claire is given the power to kill with a touch and is sent back to Earth with the mission to send evil souls to hell - dark stuff for an eighty year old comic book. 

Despite being the first superpowered female character of the golden age, she made only a few more appearances in various Timely Comics before fading away. Her dark origins and powers could hardly compare to more inspiring characters as World War 2 loomed ahead.  Her 2008 relaunch in The Twelve left her in a position for adventures in the modern era. 


For a character with so few appearances, she had numerous costume variations, but I preferred the original.  I started with Tarot from the Hellions (Giant Size X-Men figure #21) and added a cape from the Prowler.  

Forgotten Heroes G, H and I are all completed and will be posted over the next couple of weeks. After that, more from the Twelve.



  1. Very cool, Alan. I was hoping for Captain Wonder, but that's a very good conversion. Can't wait to see your other figures.

  2. Thanks, and as for Captain Wonder...he's on the docket

    1. Yay! Got to love a grown man who's unafraid to wear *tiny* shorts in public and has hairy legs...