Saturday, August 1, 2020

Forgotten Heroes A to Z: Jane Martin

For some time, I've wanted to spotlight a female hero who was not a sidekick or spin-off of a male hero. I missed my chance to do the Black Cat (she's coming later, though) so the letter J gave me several options - there was Jane Drake, girl detective, and Jill Trent, the science sleuth. Joan Mason, though the girlfriend and sometimes sidekick of the Blue Beetle, was the star of her own backup feature. However, for sheer longevity as a golden age character, it was hard to beat Jane Martin. Jane Martin appeared in over 100 issues of Fiction House's Wings Comics as the star of her own feature, starting in September of 1940.

Like many, golden age female heroes not named Wonder Woman, publishers had a bit of trouble figuring out what to do with her. In her initial appearances, she was dressed as a superhero, but was really more of an adventuring war nurse. Later, she dropped the bright costume, and worked as a pilot and spy. After the war, she was a reporter for the Daily Star. 

For the Jane Martin figure, I wanted her in the early superhero costume - otherwise, any number of female pilot or resistance fighter figure could fit her. This is a combination of the DC Heroclix the Looker (body) and Powergirl (head). A little putty modified the pants and cape.